Open Tasks

Although our github is the canonical source for new issues, we wanted a nicely curated list of the “Big Issues” still present in our tools. If you are interested in contributing to an open-source project to support education of disadvantaged youth, please get involved!


  • Advanced physics through Box2D
  • Audio API (perhaps even just exposing Pygame’s)
  • More widgets (e.g., radio button, drop-down menus, multi-line textbox)
  • Unit tests
  • Absolute positioning: Sprites currently report their position within parents, not an absolute position on the screen
  • Static sprites: sprites that will always be static, emulating part of the background
  • Hex-grids: Currently, only square regions are intelligently handled by Spyral, it’d be nice to have Hex
  • Widget disabling
  • Finalize actors
  • Creating and destroying widgets on the fly
  • Clipboard functionality
  • Caption and Icon API


  • Live/Recorded Event handling integration
  • PyqVer checking
  • Application freezing: Exporting runnable games to windows, mac


  • Tutorial on layering
  • Tutorial on forms
  • Tutorial on events
  • Tutorial on Actors
  • Tutorial on Animations
  • Tutorial on Views

Advanced tutorials on