Educational Game Design

I do a lot of research on Educational Game Design, so I’ll be posting interesting papers along with summaries. Please read and comment!

Queued Research Papers

  1. Evidence-Centered Design
  2. Acquisition vs. Participation Metaphors for Knowledge
  3. Game Development Design Principles (Gelderblom’s Masters thesis)
  4. TPACK: Technological, Content, and Pedagogical Knowledge
  5. What is Constructivism?
  6. What is Situated Learning?
  7. Motivation & Engagement: MUSIC model
  8. Hanging Out, Messing Around, and Geeking Out
  9. Next-generation Learning
  10. Simulations vs. Games
  11. Use - Modify - Create
  12. Socio-Cognitive Learning
  13. Informal vs. Formal Learning Environments
  14. Connected Learning
  15. How People Learn